"Let go of the idea of what is normal, and go live your life the way you really want to live." —Shanti

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Happy Birthday Chris New (08/17/1981)

”People need to come out in their own time, but they also need to know that support is there for them.”

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Jay & Max

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My Obsessions List  ▌▌ Favourite Actresses Kate Winslet  ►►

”I’m really proud of being English, because I learned my job in England, in English films with English actors. But I never dared dream of such a success… it’s more than a dream. I realize it’s extraordinary for a British actress. I feel good, but guilty at the same time, cause I wish I could share this emotion with all my British actors’ friends… I play the main character in the most expensive and probably successful film, but that’s not a good reason to leave England and become a superstar. Not at all.”

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Gethin Anthony

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Happy Birthday Chris New <3 

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People Who I Believe Are Ridiculously GORGEOUS: Keira Knightley

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Andrew <3

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People Who I Believe Are Ridiculously GORGEOUS: Kate Moss

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