If you’re not drinking, then you’re not playing
Hi my name's Charlie, I'm a Multifandom Freak. Venezuelan, Journalist, Professional Chef and single. I Love Music, Movies especially Horror, Sci-Fi, Gay themed, Yay movies, TV Shows/Series, Books, Male Models, quotes that describe how I am, B&W Pics, Funny Stuff. Obsessed with a lot of Actors - Actresses - Musicians - Fiction Characters and everything about Pop Culture from the 30's to the present. I also love Nature, Animals, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Italian and Chinese Food and other shits. Yay Pizza... Burgers...

I Don't have a full life, but I hope to have it. So I'm not Happy right now, but i'm OK. I'm 30 but my heart/soul still belongs to the adolescent/child I've always been. Whatever you want to know about me just ask without any problem, actually, strangers know me better than people who knows me personally.

My Blog is PERSONAL and that means: My blog is an honest reflection of who I am and what I love so seeing my blog it's like looking inside my head; so I Post/Reblog everything I love. So Welcome to my passions, the things that I like and love. A Tip: Don't criticize the things that I like, because I Will Never criticize the things that you love. MY BLOG IS YOUR BLOG SO ENJOY IT! One more thing: Fuck Yes, I'M PROUD TO BE GAY!

It’s ironic that in Venezuela we are celebrating ”our independence day”, considering that millions of us feel like prisoners, independence? democracy? that’s a fucking disguise. I still believe that Venezuela can have a better future, but as long as the Populism continues to exist, that will be impossible. While a government give away everything (for free), a country can never progress, people should Study and Work for a real progress, but I guess that goes against the populism.

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Why people have to apologize for post/reblog certain things? I mean, it’s your blog! You have complete freedom to do what you want, this is not Fakebook, people should respect your blog, because your blog is an extension of your personality… Just saying.

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I need to tell this to all my followers: Stop being so fucking cute (DON’T STOP)

You’re the most beautiful and wonderful people i’ve met in my life. Your blogs are fantastic as well as their personalities… Sends to the fucking hell whoever tells you otherwise. I Love U All! For Real! 

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Eating Chocolate bars at Lunch, because I’m a fucking grown man


I’m 28… so what? i can eat what i want

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A little bit of me: There’s always a beautiful BUT

Sometimes i feel like i’m going to exploit for feeling so alone, despite being surrounded by people all day. So many things to say, but, why waste my time talking to people who only want to hear what they want to hear?.

But there’s always a beautiful BUT in every bad moment.

When i go to tumblr and i see that everything i feel is contained in: photos, quotes, phrases, gifs, comments, etc, i feel that i belong to a world, i’m not alone. People who know me personally doesn’t understand how important is Tumblr to me, especially people who i follow and who follow me. Many of us feel alone, especially when we’re surrounded by people, but there is always a beautiful BUT, we’ve never really been alone, just needed a place to congregate, and that’s tumblr. But, is never too late to say thank you and tell you all without distinction, we are all important to someone, i know, because you all are important to me.

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My Mom doesn’t like music in english (only in spanish) BUT, she just asked me to play the album from one of my girlfriends, she doesn’t know the name of the album, and she says: the one with the song that says ”gimme gimme gimme gimme”

Even My Mom Love This Masterpiece

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I really hate when my boss asks me to leave tumblr for 5 minutes, and repeats it in a sarcastic way ”Only 5 minutes, Just 5”. He doesn’t see I’m busy on tumblr?, Or is not good enough that I’m already at the work and i always come on time. Goddamnit

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WTF i’m watching videos on MTV (YES!!! music videos, is so rare: welcome to the 90’s) but the videos look and listen very slow, there are two options: the problem is the channel or I’M THE PROBLEM.

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