"Let go of the idea of what is normal, and go live your life the way you really want to live." —Shanti

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Favourite Porn Stars

Leo Giamani

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why is it that some of my gay friends don't believe in bisexuality? and think its odd for me to like both sexes? don't you think this is a little hypocritical?

Sorry for responding so late, I think more than hypocrisy, it is ignorance. Often what is not understood, it is judged. I used to have problems with bisexual people, how I could criticize a person’s sexual orientation when I’m in the group of judged? that’s stupid Right? very ignorant! How can we judge a person to feel attracted to another regardless if male or female? How can we criticize a person fall in love with another?. Now, The problem with bisexuality, is that many people do not assume publicly, then you do not know if they are gay or is it just a disguise for a double life. but one point, very personal, I think it’s healthier if you’re bisexual, you should have a bisexual partner because they both would understand completely (in that sense). But that’s my very personal opinion, the base of everything is honesty, and if you are honest with yourself and those around you, should not be problems, or distrust and most importantly there is more understanding.

One last thing, if your friends are very young (age is no excuse for ignorance, but we are not born learned) you must give them time to understand, not everyone is able to accept or understand things at once. Teach them! :)

Thanks for the message

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Sex = Love II

l Part I l 

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Why people have to apologize for post/reblog certain things? I mean, it’s your blog! You have complete freedom to do what you want, this is not Fakebook, people should respect your blog, because your blog is an extension of your personality… Just saying.

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You just call out my name

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You wanna dance?

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I need to tell this to all my followers: Stop being so fucking cute (DON’T STOP)

You’re the most beautiful and wonderful people i’ve met in my life. Your blogs are fantastic as well as their personalities… Sends to the fucking hell whoever tells you otherwise. I Love U All! For Real! 

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…read between the lines

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Sometimes the right person is too far away from you

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