"Let go of the idea of what is normal, and go live your life the way you really want to live." —Shanti

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Phillip <3

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People Who I Believe Are Ridiculously GORGEOUS

Phillip Phillips: What is that makes at Phill be so beautiful? Well, is not only his physical appearance, that’s too obvious, it’s his talent, personality and humbleness. Stay up in that way Kid, just the way you are <3

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Phillip Phillips’ song “Home” sold 278K copies in its first week, more than any other Idol coronation song in history.

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That’s My American Idol…. You Are So Beauti-Phill…

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Fuck Yeah!!! That’s My American Idol… Phillip Phillips…. I’m So Fucking Happy!!!!


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Aerosmith on AI… Fuck Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear God…. JENNIFER HOLLIDAY on American idol……. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now i’m dead

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OMG Chaka Khan on American Idol….. I LOVE HER!!!!!

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Mother Of God…. Phillip Phillips….. What a Beautiful Song…. I Can’t…. U R so Fucking Perfect!!!!!

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